Friday, November 22, 2019

Help Needed to find Lost Dogs

Hi, My name is Tricha Sauce. My husband and I live, work and play here in San Antonio. We love our city and the communities within it. I am reaching out to ask if you could help locate our two missing female golden retrievers?

On 6/18/19 Tuesday at 10pm while my husband and I were on vacation in San Diego, our Rover sitter lost them at the Marquis at Crown Ridge Apartments 18385 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX and they reportedly ran towards Camp Bullis rd. 

We and the community have been searching for them ever since. It’s almost like they vanished without a trace. Between all our efforts, which are vast (please see our FB page link for more info) we have yet to find them or even have a confirmed sighting.
After talking with a PI, a wildlife expert/tracker and with so many people that physically looked in that area, it is likely someone picked them up/found them and/or are keeping them. Knowingly or unknowingly that they have been reported missing by us. We are willing to give people the benefit of the doubt if they come forward. Thankfully, they are microchipped, spayed and we have filed a police report so at least we have those assurances. Again, that is really not the route we want to go. We just want to walk away no questions asked/no drama and bring them back home.

We know that you have deep roots in the community and ask that you consider passing our fliers onto others within your circle of peers/clients/employees/association/neighborhood through email, social media or even just hanging a flyer in your office/common areas?
Anything would be appreciated.
We just want our babies Acoria and Ripley home. The limbo of not knowing if they’re okay while not having any way that we can protect them is soul crushing and creates fits of panic when we think about it. We swore to always love and take care of them and we will never give up looking, they’re family.
Please help us find them. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Tricha and Dylan Sauce

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