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Propositions for November Ballet

The following information Reinette King as a service to the public on the 3 propositions that will be on the ballet in November and is not an endorsement by VNNA II.

San Antonio First obtained the required 20,000 signatures which were validated by the City Clerk. Those opposing the amendments placed a temporary restraining order saying the petitions were obtained by hiring an outside company. The court struck that down Aug 15 as hiring outside agencies is legal.

Amendment A proposes to lower the number of signatures required for an ordinance change from 10% of registered voters (approximately 70,000-75,000) to 20,000 and to increase the time to collect signatures from 40 to 180 days. Those who oppose say they don't want politics by petition. They say it would make us like California and that it would hurt our economy. Those for the amendment say initiative and referendum is a long accepted component of our democracy, that fewer than 10% of voters typically turn out for city elections, that Austin implemented a similar amendment and their economy continues to prosper.

Amendment B proposes to set an 8 year term limit for the city manager, to require a super-majority vote (8 members) to appoint a city manager who shall not receive annual compensation to exceed 10 times the annual salary of the lowest paid full time city employee ($29,000, which are positions like library aides or crossing guards.) Those who oppose this amendment say that Sheryl Sculley is doing a good job, that we would lose our AAA bond rating. Those for the amendment say Sheryl Sculley took money from the general fund without your vote and created a rainy day fund she won't spend for anything and that compares the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest US cities to learn how well city officials manage public funds by comparing quality of services residents receive against city's total budget. San Antonio ranks 99th and lowest among major Texas cities, 115th in safety and 88th in infrastructure.

Amendment C proposes if there is a disagreement between the city and the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association, they would go to arbitration. Those who oppose state this would prevent negotiation, that the Firefighters could randomly force the city into arbitration, and that this would be very costly. Those supporting the amendment state negotiation is always the first option, that either party could require arbitration and that for 6 years Sheryl Sculley has denied the Firefighters the right to use their workmans compensation for asbestos caused cancer due to their jobs. She sued them repeatedly costing tax payers over $2 million in attorney fees.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

District 10 Update 09-04-2018

District 10 Newsflash
Brought to you by Clayton Perry, District 10

September 4, 2018

Howdy Neighbors, 

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend - we're especially glad the rain held off until the end of the holiday! With more rain anticipated for this week, we suggest routinely checking the City's list of street closures before starting your drive to work, school or home. Stay safe and dry this week, and remember: Turn Around, Don't Drown. 
Thank you to everyone who came out to our District 10 Community Meeting on August 20th. We were joined by Art Reinhardt with Transportation and Capital Improvements, Dr. Colleen Bridger - Director of Metro Health (and District 10 neighbor), and Everett Fly,  who provided us with an update on District 10 African American Historic Resources and a volunteer opportunity that we will be highlighting later this month.

The Northeast Neighborhood Alliance will host a candidates' forum on September 17th at the Tool Yard. This will be your chance to meet with current candidates and gain knowledge before going to the polls in November. 

San Antonio's National Night Out is right around the corner! If your Neighborhood or Home Owners Association is planning to host a National Night Out (NNO) Event, registration has begun. The benefits of early registration are receiving all the information via e-mail as it is released. You will not receive an email confirmation when you register; if you have questions or need information, please contact Linda Tomasini at Register early to help District 10 show we are committed to combat crime in our district. If you would like us to attend your event, please email Raul Ubides at as soon as possible. Planning is easier if you give yourself plenty of time to organize a successful event. To register and for more information, click here.

Despite the rain, SAWS Stage 2 drought restrictions are still in place. Watering with an irrigation system is only allowed once a week between 7-11 a.m. or  7-11 p.m. and is determined by the last digit of your address. The schedule is as follows: Addresses ending in a 0 or 1 can water on Monday, 2 or 3 on Tuesday, 4 or 5 on Wednesday, 6 or 7 on Thursday, 8 or 9 on Friday. Hand watering is allowed at any time. For more information, click here.

As always, thank you for being active community members and leaders here in District 10, and do not hesitate to contact our office if we can be of any assistance to you. 

- Clayton 


Upcoming Community Meetings

 Northeast Neighborhood Alliance Meeting
September 17, 2018 - 10303 Tool Yard


Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Presentations

City Council is currently working through the Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2019. Below are links to the Proposed Budget and Individual Budget Briefings presented to Council. 

Individual Briefings

Neighbor Spotlight

District 10 Neighbor and Country Gardens award winner Eva Templeton, 96, is featured in the Fall 2018 Edition of Country Gardens magazine for her beautiful, lush backyard garden. A retired artist and teacher trained in Germany, Ms. Templeton uses Classical Art techniques, typically incorporated in paintings, to create depth and detail, transforming her suburban backyard into a whimsical landscape reminiscent of an Old World estate. We are proud to spotlight such an accomplishment and national recognition for our neighbor here in District 10. 



Bridge Renaming to Honor 
SFC David James Todd, Jr. 
On June 14th, City Council voted unanimously to rename the bridge on Jones Maltsberger between Oakline and Oak Trail to honor Sergeant First Class David James Todd, Jr. 

On August 20th, 2008, U.S. Army Sgt. First Class David James Todd, Jr. was killed in action in Bala Mueghab, Afghanistan as he saved the lives of 12 of his fellow men. On August 18th, we remembered his courage and honored him by renaming the Jones Maltsberger Road Bridge in SFC Todd's honor.

I extend my deepest gratitude to the Todd Family, the City's Transportation and Capital Improvements Department, the City's Office of Military Affairs, District 9 Councilman John Courage and his staff, MoMak's Backyard Malts & Burgers, and Samantha Wickwire for your work in making this dedication possible. 

Back 2 School Prep Rally

On August 18th, we partnered with New Creation Christian Fellowship and Commissioner Tommy Calvert's office to give away over 1,000 backpacks and school supplies.

Thank you to everyone who donated their time and resources to make this event possible. We were thrilled to be joined by representatives from San Antonio Police Dept., San Antonio Fire Dept., SAWS, CPS, San Antonio 3-1-1, Pre-K 4 SA, and Neighborhood and Housing Services Department.

We appreciate the San Antonio Police Officers Association and SAWS for donating backpacks and also want to thank CPS, 3-1-1, and Pre-K 4 SA for donating supplies and Morgan's Wonderland for allowing us to host this event in their space. 

It was great to see families come in to receive their free backpacks and supplies and hang around to eat, dance, play games, and take photos in the photobooth. This event was a success, and we are extremely grateful for everyone who came out to enjoy the back to school festivities. 

Congratulations to Two District 10 Schools

The buzz has been about the A-F ratings released last week by Texas Education Agency. The School of Science and Technology (SST) districts received the top A rating. Two SST high performing campuses are right here in District: 10 SST Alamo (IH35 access road near Judson Road) and SST San Antonio (Grades 6-12) inside Loop 410 between Nacogdoches and Wurzbach. 

There are 1200 traditional public and charter school districts in Texas and of those, 153 received the top rating of A in the new A-F rating system. Of the districts (charter and tradition districts), only 53 received an A rating in all three domains. Only 7 charter districts in the entire state received all A ratings in the three measured domains. Both SST districts made both all A lists.

Congratulations to the faculty, staff, and students at both locations of the School of Science and Technology for this accomplishment.

Education Nights at The Public Theater are exclusive performances for youth, ages 12-18, at the Russell Hill Rogers Theater at The San Pedro Playhouse. These performances provide access to educational learning experiences in the creative arts and live theater. Also, performances foster positive youth development and individual personal growth through increased self-expression, social engagement and exposure to potential career opportunities. Education nights are made possible through the generosity of foundations and corporations.

More information and reservations at here.

2018 C.O.P Schedule

Northeast substation Citizens on Patrol classes are 1-time, 4-hr classes.  Please bring a photo ID when attending.  All necessary applications will be filled out at the beginning of each class and photos will be taken for a complimentary COP ID card. 
For any questions, please contact 
Officer Dave McDonald at 210-207-6086.

Celebrating the City's Tricentennial


The San Antonio Tricentennial celebration continues with more featured events commemorating San Antonio's storied history. Residents and visitors can explore the official events calendar and sort events by day, time, council district or county precinct. The official Tricentennial magazine features a complete listing of events through the end of the year.  The magazine is available for free at H-E-B stores and Jim's Restaurants throughout the city.

Residents and visitors can also learn about upcoming events and activities by signing up for the official Tricentennial e-newsletter at

Project Trackers 

Click the buttons below to see status updates on various infrastructure projects. 

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