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District 10 Update 3 September, 2019

District 10 Newsflash
Brought to you by Clayton H. Perry, District 10

September 3, 2019

Howdy Neighbors,

On August 22nd, City Council was briefed on the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). I’d like for you all to read the plan at and participate in the City’s survey. The Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will come to City Council for a vote on October 17th.

The next Northeast Neighborhood Alliance Meeting is set for Monday, September 16th, 7 PM at the Tool Yard (10303 Tool Yard). At this meeting we'll hear from State Representative Steve Allison on the Texas Legislature's recent actions and have briefings on the San Antonio Airport's Strategic Plan and the Meals on Wheels Program.

District Attorney Joe Gonzales has offered to speak at any District 10 neighborhood association meeting about his policies on homelessness issues such as criminal trespass and cite and release. To invite the DA to your neighborhood meeting, you may contact him here.

San Antonio's National Night Out is right around the corner! If your Neighborhood or Home Owners Association is planning to host a National Night Out (NNO) Event, registration has begun. The benefit of early registration is receiving all the information via e-mail as it is released. You will not receive an email confirmation when you register; if you have questions or need information, please contact Linda Tomasini at If you would like us to attend your event, please email Landry Stafford at as soon as possible. For more information, click here.

As always, thank you for being active community members and leaders here in District 10. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if we can be of any assistance to you. 

- Clayton

Upcoming Community Meetings
Northeast Neighborhood Alliance Meeting
September 16th, 2019 - 7 PM at Tool Yard

Hot Topics at City Council

There are two “hot topics” I’d like to bring to your attention so that you can be informed and generate your own opinions – they are the Homestead Property Tax Exemption and the proposed Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP).

City Council approved a city-wide homestead exemption for all homeowners this summer. If you are already receiving a homestead exemption on your property, you do not need to do anything; the exemption will automatically appear on your property tax bill. 

Recently, the homestead exemption was criticized by Gilbert Garcia in the Express-News article “Get ready to pay the price for San Antonio’s homestead exemption.” In the article, Garcia calls the homestead exemption “ill-considered” and a “self-inflicted blow.” The homestead exemption accounts for roughly $3 million of the City’s General Fund – less than 0.2 percent of the massive $2.9 billion proposed budget. San Antonio is fully capable of providing the necessary funds to provide the safety and infrastructure needs of the growing city and funding a homestead tax exemption, as evidenced by the proposed budget.

Over the last 10 years the General Fund has grown over 30 percent to the amount of $382.9 million. Over that same period of time, homeowner property tax growth has been over 40 percent. We have had the capacity to afford a homestead exemption for several years now, but past City leaders failed to make this a priority.

This year’s proposed budget is massive, and we are adding more money to other than basic services required by our City Charter. We should be looking for ways to give breaks to our taxpayers when we can, especially homeowners who are being squeezed by escalating taxes and fees. We are elected by the people to invest their tax dollars wisely and sometimes that means we need to cut back on “nice to have” items so that we can provide some relief.

City Council was recently briefed on the second iteration of the proposed CAAP. In my opinion, the CAAP is a well-intended policy idea that we should not continue to pursue without more information on long-term costs. I cannot support a plan that isn’t clear on costs. Even approving the CAAP as a framework is risky, because resources will inevitably be allocated towards it. This piecemeal approach of gradually building up a program over several years tends to make implementation administratively bloated and accomplishes few results. We cannot expect our neighbors to write a blank check for the CAAP.

In the weeks to come, there will be more information and avenues for input on the CAAP. I look forward to hearing from you on this and other items important to our community.

Welcome to District 10, Ro-Ho Pork & Bread!

After spending four years in San Antonio´s downtown area, Ro-Ho Pork & Bread opened its doors in District 10 at 8617 N New Braunfels.
Ro-Ho Pork & Bread specializes in reproducing the most popular and representative street food from the city of Guadalajara. Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico and has been a Sister City to San Antonio since 1974.

Chef Jorge Rojo prepares all the elements of his small menu from scratch daily, including the specialty bread, birote, a key component for their menu item, Torta Ahogada. Torta Ahogada is a pork sandwich dipped in tomato sauce, accompanied by pickled onion, shredded cabbage, slices of radish and lime, with an option of adding spicy sauce.

Ro-Ho Pork & Bread is gaining notoriety within the community of San Antonio by offering fresh, quality dishes in a cheerful Mexican atmosphere. We're so glad to welcome the Ro-Ho team to District 10!

A Message from CPS

At CPS Energy, we are committed to serving our community with the products and services they truly want. As we look forward to our flexible energy future, we are seeking community input to help us make decisions that will benefit all of San Antonio for years to come.

Everyone has different opinions and ideas, and we want to listen. To this end, we have put together two surveys that are soliciting public input in regards to our future energy generation portfolio and our customer energy management programs, respectively. The FlexPOWER Bundle survey will help us understand what the community thinks about our “blended energy approach,” while the FlexSTEP survey gives us more insight into which energy management programs customers want to see in the future.

You can find more info about our Flexible Path, as well as the links to both surveys, by clicking here

Boards and Commissions Vacancies

City/County Joint Commission on Elderly Affairs: The commission is composed of sixteen members who serve upon appointment by their governing body officer and serve until replaced. Appointed by the Mayor, City Council, County Judge and County Commissioners with each appointing their own representative to the commission. To improve the quality of life of seniors in San Antonio and Bexar County through: Support of Senior Services and Resources, Advocacy and Outreach. Meetings are held 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10am in the Bexar County Purchasing Building. For more information, please click here.

SA2020 Commission on Strengthening Family Well-being: The SA2020 Commission on Strengthening Family Well-Being, works in concert with stakeholders, SA2020, and the Department of Human Services to help meet the family well-being and safety net goals, indicators, and measure identified during the SA2020 process. The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to the Department of Human Services and City Council on matters affecting the well-being of San Antonio residents and families. Meetings are every other month at Willie C Velasquez Center, 1302 N Zarzamora St, San Antonio, Texas 78205. For more information, please click here.

Big thank you to our outgoing Boards and Commissions members, LaJuana Hill Zanoni and Kevin Jackson. You all are true stewards of the community and we are so grateful for the time and energy y'all dedicated to making San Antonio a great place to live.

Project Trackers

City Councilman Clayton Perry | 1635 NE Loop 410, Suite 510, San Antonio, TX 78209

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