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Potholes Help requested

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The City’s Pothole Repair Program, managed by the Transportation & Capital Improvements Department, (TCI) has gone through many changes over the last couple of years that has led to improvements in customer service, increased productivity, and reduced operational costs. While we are still working to drive process changes and refinements, the changes made to date are note-worthy.

In Fiscal Year 2017 (October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017), our Pothole Patrol crews repaired over 75,000 potholes, a 155% increase from 2015! However, of the 75,000 potholes reported in Fiscal Year 2017, only 15 percent were actually reported by residents.

We are ready to serve you fast and efficiently, but we need your help! You drive, walk and ride on our streets each day. Help us keep our roadways free of potholes; report them to 311 as soon as you find them! The more potholes you report, the more potholes we can repair.

Pothole Patrol Survey Results

To continue improvements to the Pothole Repair Program and as part of the Pothole Patrol educational campaign, a bilingual pre-survey intended to measure residents' knowledge of the pothole repair service was administered. A total of 4,687 survey responses were collected from March 6th through April 6th at various outreach events, social media, news media, and e-mails. 

April 2018 Pothole Blitz Results
On average, TCI’s Pothole Patrol crews repair approximately 5,000 potholes each month. However, during the month of April crews staged a Pothole Blitz and set a goal of repairing 7,500 potholes - a 50% increase over the monthly average. The Pothole Patrol not only met their goal, they crushed it. They repaired 11,921 potholes in 20 workdays in April. 

This is a record number of repairs for TCI. The Pothole Blitz was conducted in April, to proactively address the usual increase in potholes caused by late winter and early spring rains that contribute to asphalt breakdown.

To prepare for the blitz, staff utilized historical 311 data to identify known, high-distress areas throughout the city. The two highest-distress neighborhoods in each council district were selected to be proactively canvased by Field Investigators who identified more than 1,000 locations in need of repair across the city.

Pothole Patrol crews increased days worked from a four-day work week to a five-day work week, Monday through Friday ten (10) hours per day. Pothole Patrol crews were assigned two to three districts per week, with a focus on the neighborhoods pre-canvased by Field Investigators. Additionally, TCI worked with council district offices to coordinate efforts.

For more information check out our Pothole Patrol website http://www.sanantonio.gov/wefixpotholes  

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