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District 10 Update 21 February, 2018

District 10 Newsflash
Brought to you by Clayton Perry, District 10

February 21st, 2018

Howdy Neighbors, 

We held our District 10 Community Meeting on Monday night. We were joined there by Dr. Brian Gottardy, Superintendent of NEISD, Carlos Contreras, Interim Executive Director of the Tricentennial,  and Jean Latsha, VP of Development of  PEDCOR. 

At Monday's meeting, I briefly presented information regarding the potential for City Homestead Tax Exemptions in San Antonio. Our City consistently touts our low City tax rate but continually increases our rates and mandatory monthly fees. Our tax payers are long overdue tax relief. It is my goal to obtain tax relief for you all in the form of a City Homestead Tax Exemption. However, this is not a goal that I can achieve on my own. In order to make this possible, I need the support of my council colleagues. Please participate in this brief survey and share the link with your neighbors, so I can better understand where you all stand on this matter.

Officer Joshua Crumley of our North SAFFE unit has received a well deserved promotion to detective. Officer Crumley has served San Antonio for over 14 years. During his time on North SAFFE, Officer Crumley served many neighborhoods including Long's Creek, Northern Hills, El Chaparral/Fertile Valley, Steubing Ranch, and Eden. We are sad to see him leave the North SAFFE, but extremely proud of his promotion to detective. 

As a reminder, the Primary Election for State Representative and Congress will take place on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018. This election is important and will directly impact you. Early voting began February 20th, 2018 and ends on Friday, March 2nd, 2018. Check your county elections website for voting information and locations. 

As always, thank you for being active community members and leaders here in District 10, and do not hesitate to contact our office if we can be of any assistance to you. 

- Clayton 


Upcoming Community Meetings

Northeast Neighborhood Alliance Meeting
March 19, 2018 - 10303 Tool Yard


Open Surveys

Here in District 10, we're already looking "down the road" for repairs and upgrades. We've been hard at work reviewing and tweaking the 2018 street repair schedule, but we are always on the lookout for the big projects that can truly transform District 10. We've started a running list of future bond projects for consideration, but we need your help in guiding us to what District 10 needs most. Please help us determine what your priorities are for the future 2022- 2027 Bond by completing this survey. It's not too early for us to start this process at our level. 

Healthy Tips with Dr. Bridger 

One of Metro Health's priorities is reducing child
Dr. Colleen Bridger
and family obesity, so you may be surprised to read that in my inaugural Health Tips column I'm actually advocating eating more!

Many of you have heard experts say that the obesity problem is one of simple math-too many calories in and not enough calories out (also known as "exercise") equals weight gain. So, imagine my surprise to learn that a major study has found that people who eat breakfast actually weigh less (an average of 5 pounds less) than people who skip it. Plus, the breakfast eaters consumed more calories each day than the non-breakfast eaters! So, what gives? Well, remember the obesity equation has two parts and it turns out the "calories out" part works better if you start your day well fueled. Folks who eat breakfast feel better and thus have the energy to burn more calories throughout the day. Interestingly, it didn't seem to matter what the people ate for breakfast, just that they ate something. Of course, I'd recommend a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with some protein-rich yogurt and fruit.  

More than half of all Americans (including children) regularly skip breakfast, either in an attempt to lose weight, or just out of habit. Parents take note: kids whose parents skipped breakfast were much more likely to skip it themselves.
This is one unhealthy habit I'd urge folks to break. Want more proof? There are other studies that show that kids who eat breakfast perform better in school and suffer less from chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension and depression. Also, one study found that people who ate breakfast were less likely to get the flu.
I know we often equate making healthy choices with making sacrifices, but here is one very yummy exception. It turns out mom was right, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day.

Dr. Bridger is a District 10 resident and serves San Antonio as the Director of the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District

City Perks with Clayton 

A few weeks ago, we filmed our very first City Perks with Clayton segment. In this episode, I highlight the City's 3-1-1 Services. If this interests you, please take a look. 

If there are City Services you'd like for us to highlight next, contact our office at

Basura Bash


On Saturday, February 17th, District 10 participated in the 24th Annual Basura Bash. We had over 100 volunteers join us to clean up Salado Creek at the Tobin Trailhead. I was so proud to see our community come together to participate in this effort. 

A huge thanks to Solid Waste Management, Parks Department, SAPD North SAFFE Officers, Whataburger, the Basura Bash Organization, and the hundreds of volunteers across San Antonio for making this possible for our communities. 

One of our volunteers, Mr. David Guerra, brought his drone to record our efforts. His footage can be found here.

Community Spotlight

Thank you to the World Mission Society Church of God for volunteering your time to clean up Stahl Road near Nacogdoches. The Church of God Young Adult Volunteer Group noticed that there was trash build up in this area and took it upon themselves to coordinate a cleanup.  

If you would like to highlight someone in our community, please email

Some of you know that I have taken a special interest in ensuring that members of the disabled community are taken into account by the City of San Antonio. After Harvey, I requested the City to ensure that our emergency management plans included their feedback and consideration. I'm so pleased that the City is paying attention - above is the announcement of a schedule of community meetings with the Disability Access Office and Transportation and Capital Improvements to gather feedback on what can be improved or implemented. I highly encourage you share this information with your neighborhoods to ensure that everyone knows about this set of meetings. For more information, click here.

2018 C.O.P Schedule

Northeast substation Citizens on Patrol classes are 1-time, 4-hr classes.  Please bring a photo ID when attending.  All necessary applications will be filled out at the beginning of each class and photos will be taken for a complimentary COP ID card. 

For any questions, please contact 
Officer Dave McDonald at 210-207-6086.

Celebrating the City's Tricentennial


The San Antonio Tricentennial celebration continues with more featured events commemorating San Antonio's storied history. Residents and visitors can explore the official events calendar and sort events by day, time, council district or county precinct. The official Tricentennial magazine features a complete listing of events through the end of the year.  The magazine is available for free at H-E-B stores and Jim's Restaurants throughout the city.

Residents and visitors can also learn about upcoming events and activities by signing up for the official Tricentennial e-newsletter at

VITA Free Tax Preparation

VITA is a free tax preparation service for individuals and families who earn up to $60,000 per year. All tax-preparers are IRS-trained and certified. The District 10 VITA site is located at Thousand Oaks Library. All VITA sites are open through April 17th, 2018. 

For more information, click here or call 2-1-1.

Project Trackers 

Click the buttons below to see status updates on various infrastructure projects. 

City Councilman Clayton Perry, 1635 NE Loop 410, Suite 510, San Antonio, TX 78209

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