Thursday, October 5, 2017

District 10 Newsflash
Brought to you by Clayton Perry, District 10

October 4, 2017

Howdy Neighbors, 

National Night Out 2017 sure was a blast! It was great to be invited out by so many neighborhoods to spend time getting to know each other and working to better our community. Thank you to the neighbors of El Dorado, Valencia, Northern Hills, Oak Park Northwood, Marymont, Royal Ridge, Longs Creek, Calico Creek,  Friends of Comanche Lookout, Fox Run, Steubing Ranch Elementary, Emerald Forest, Summit of Bulverde Creek, Stoney Ridge, Cedar Grove, Forest Oak, and Hills of Park North for inviting my staff and me into your communities for a fun filled night. It was truly an experience to see so many communities come together. If I didn't personally make it out to your NNO event this year, I will work to make it there next year. 

I'm hoping to see all of you at the upcoming District 10 Community Meeting on October 16th at the Tool Yard We'll have representatives from 311, Beitel Creek, CPS, SAWS, and Centro San Antonio to discuss things they're working on to better serve our community and city overall.  

As always, thank you for being active community members and leaders here in District 10. 

- Clayton


Community Meetings
  • Coffee with Clayton - October 14th, 2017, 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM, St. Andrew's United Methodist, Fellowship Hall
  • District 10 Community Meeting - October 16th, 2017, 7PM, at the Tool Yard


Open Surveys

Metro Health wants to know what you think about increasing the minimum age for purchasing tobacco products from 18 to 21 years of age. Give your opinion by completing this short community survey. Your opinion will help gauge interest and support for this measure.

Open District 10 Boards and Commissions Seats

Transportation Advisory Board
The Transportation Advisory Board is comprised of 11 members appointed by the Mayor and each City Councilmember for two-year terms representing the following categories: three (3) consumers; one (1) member large company taxicab industry; one (1) member co-op taxicab industry; one (1) member small business taxicab industry; one (1) member of tour, charter or shuttle service; one (1) member of horse carriage, limousine or livery service; one (1) member of hotel/motel association; one (1) member of Airport Advisory Commission; and one (1) member of Convention and Visitors Commission. The Board makes recommendations to the Director of the San Antonio Police Department, in reference to City Ordinances, Rules, and Regulations on the licensing and regulatory review process for transportation services licensed by the City. These services include taxicabs, limousines, tour/charter services, pedicabs, and horse carriages. Meetings are held on the fourth Monday of each month (excluding April and December) at 5:00 PM in the Municipal Plaza Building "B" Room, 114 W. Commerce. Meeting duration is usually one to two hours. Public hearings are held in addition to regular meetings. 

Building and Standards Board
The BSB is a citizen-based board and includes 14 members appointed by City Council. BSB membership requirements are prescribed for the following categories: Architect, Engineer, General Contractor, Social Worker, Health Care Professional, Retired person (over the age of 64) and Veteran of the United States Military. A professional property manager may be substituted for one general contractor and/or one social worker. The BSB consists of two panels of seven members. Each panel hears and rules on violations of the San Antonio Property Maintenance Code (SAPMC) and summary abatement appeals. Property owners are allowed to appeal a SAPMC Notice of Violation to the BSB based on issues of interpretation, intent, and application of code requirements. The BSB may issue civil penalties for failure to comply with the SAPMC. The panels also rule on cases related to the repair or demolition of unsafe structures. Each panel holds a hearing twice per month unless otherwise indicated. Meeting dates are the first and third Thursdays for Panel A, and the second and fourth Thursdays for Panel B. Meetings are held at the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center, located at 1901 S. Alamo St. Location and times of meetings are subject to change and can be verified with the liaison.

Disability Access Advisory Committee
The Disability Access Advisory Committee is comprised of 11 members appointed by the Mayor and each City Councilmember for two-year terms. The Disability Access Advisory Committee was established to work closely with the City of San Antonio Disability Access Office as part of San Antonio's efforts to provide accessible services and facilities for citizens with disabilities. The Advisory Committee consists of consumers with disabilities, providers of services to people with disabilities and interested San Antonio residents. Meetings are held bi-monthly on the second Monday at 3:00 PM at Lion's Field Adult and Senior Center, 2809 Broadway (in Brackenridge Park at the corner of Mulberry Avenue). Meeting duration is usually one to one and a half hours. Special meetings are called as needed. For more information, click here.

If you are interested in applying for one of the above seats, please fill out an application here

Northeast Corridor Steering Committee 
The NEC Steering Committee is a volunteer workgroup of area business and community leaders who provide input on - and support for- implementation of the NEC Revitalization Plan.   Steering Committee members act as ambassadors for the Perrin Beitel - Nacogdoches commercial corridor, working with fellow business operators and the City of San Antonio to promote the corridor's assets and advocate for the resources needed for change. For a full description of the NEC Steering Committee, membership expectations, and an application, please click here: NEC Steering Committee Information and Application Package
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City's At-large Planning Commission
The Planning Commission has the principal duty of acting as an advisory body to City Council regarding both amendments to the master plan of the City and the Unified Development Code.  The Commission also serves as a final authority pertaining to subdivision plats within the City of San Antonio city limits and within the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction. The commission provides recommendations on capital improvements and administers regulations on subdivisions and platting, to include the extra-territorial jurisdiction Regularly-scheduled meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 2 p.m. at the Cliff Morton Development and Business Services Center, 1901 S. Alamo St., in the first floor board room. You must complete a Planning Commission Appeal Application to have your request considered by the Planning Commission.  More information on the Planning Commission can be found in the Land Entitlements Section.  After you submit your application, Development Services will assign a case manager to guide you through the process.

Meet Our Staff 

Rebecca Podowski joined the District 10 team in August of 2015 under then-Councilman Mike Gallagher. Before entering the world of public service, she was a writer for HP and Shell, both located in Houston, TX. She graduated from the University of Houston in 2010 with a degree in Psychology; a degree that has proven handy when working with the District 10 team.

The daughter of a high school social studies teacher and IT manager, Rebecca grew up watching her parents restore a century-old home into the Pin Oak Bed and Breakfast in Calvert, Texas.  She credits this experience for her love of preserving old homes and historic structures, which is why she immediately felt at home in San Antonio. Her father's work in teaching government and economic inspired her to learn more about local government and be active in helping residents and neighborhoods.

Before entering her current role as Senior Policy Advisor, she formerly served as the District 10 Communications Advisor, handling media inquiries, social media accounts and assembling the biweekly newsletters. As a policy advisor, she researches new ideas and scours best practices from other cities to bring to City Council for consideration.

When not editing or researching, Rebecca spends her time hiding the junk food from her three-year-old daughter, Emmeline, and husband Drew.  She is currently preparing for entry into the Fall 2018 Masters Program for Public Administration at the downtown UTSA campus to continue her public servant work well into the future.

If you have a policy idea for District 10 to consider, please email Rebecca at

Relief for Property Tax is Possible

The following is an editorial that was submitted to the Express News for consideration on September 28th. We would like to share it with you for your thoughts as well.

It sends a mixed message that the City is able to expand their range of services outside the core responsibilities of safety, infrastructure, parks, etc., while our taxpayers find their own budgets limited with each year's appraisal bill in the mail.

San Antonio's General Fund currently receives a windfall every year as a result of our home's appraisals shooting higher and higher. We don't need to adjust our tax rate any higher to support an expanded budget because we already receive more in taxes.

When a City continues to expand its budget, it become harder and harder to whittle it back down. Our homeowners continue to tighten their financial belts each year to focus on their core budget needs; it's important that we look for ways to do this as well.

Texas cities have the option of offering a separate residence homestead exemption of up to 20 percent of a property's appraised value.

Having a City Homestead Tax Exemption is not a far-fetched idea. Several cities in North Texas have already implemented their own homestead tax exemption as a direct result of ballooning property values.

Unlike other cities, our budget is supported by multiple sources of funding. Incorporating a homestead tax exemption would not damage our City budget drastically thanks to our diversified budget revenues.

Incorporating more local tax exemptions for residents in San Antonio is a way to show the City's support of their residents. When we can put money back into the wallets of our residents, we give them back spending power, which supports the city as well.

I don't believe that we should wait to see what happens at the state level during the next legislative session. A City of San Antonio homestead tax exemption declares to the Texas government: "We are doing our part, now do yours." 

Councilman Perry wants to hear from YOU!

Councilman Perry would like to recognize upstanding members of our community. Do you or a loved one have a notable birthday coming up? Has your daughter received the Gold Award from Girl Scouts, or is your son becoming an Eagle Scout? Please let us know so we can recognize your accomplishments publicly. 

Email Landry Stafford at to share your achievements.

Sign Up for Development Services Alerts

Did you know that you could sign up for the latest news from Development Services? Development Services can provide you with District specific news regarding Building Permits, Board of Adjustments, Planning and Zoning Commission, and tentative zoning cases. You can even select the type of information that you would like to receive All that is required from you is your name and email address. 

To stay in touch with the Development Services Department, click here.

Iota from Nacodoches to the Cul De Sac

Transportation & Capital Improvement's contractor J&P Paving Co. is scheduled to begin on 09/22/2017 and is estimated to be complete by 10/22/2017.We sincerely appreciate your patience and cooperation while these improvements are in progress. We will work diligently to restore the street to full operational status as soon as possible. While improvements are underway, here is some helpful information about the improvement project to assist you:

  • Vehicles should not be parked on the street from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. If vehicles are parked along the path of construction improvements and no one is available to move it, it will be towed to one of the following streets in your area:


  • The street will have limited access to vehicular traffic. Traffic detour barricades and signs will be provided to guide traffic through the construction as needed.
  • If your street is completely closed, no traffic will be permitted into the barricaded area.
  • In the event of adverse weather, environmental conditions, unforeseen equipment issues, or schedule conflicts, improvements on your street will likely be rescheduled as soon as conditions permit. 
If you have question about this project, please contact:

Richard Torres, Capital Projects Officer

Send Your NNO Photos 

Our Chief of Staff with Ms. Betty from Emerald Forest

Summit at Bulverde Creek

With the neighbors of Oak Park Northwood

With SAPD and former District 10 Councilman Mike Gallagher

Speaking at El Dorado Elementary


Project Trackers 

Click the buttons below to see status updates on various infrastructure projects. 

City Councilman Clayton Perry, 1635 NE Loop 410, Suite 510, San Antonio, TX 78209

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