Friday, November 18, 2016

District 10 Update 11-18-2016, Permit Viewing website.

NEW FEATURE: Track permits filed and granted by Development Services

City Councilman Mike Gallagher

We are pleased to announce a new tool for organized neighborhoods and community liaisons. You can now view weekly reports listing all open permit applications and granted permits for developments in your area. 

This new initiative reflects our goal of transparency in government. This is fantastic tool for neighborhoods. Before, if a development didn't require a zoning change, neighbors were often left out of the conversation. Now, you can see a list of permits pulled, along with a description of the work being performed and contact information for the permit applicant. 

This feature sorts permits by Council district. We recommend you share this information with your friends and neighbors, regardless of Council district. 

To access this information, follow the steps outlined below, or jump directly to the website

Viewing permits by Council District
  1. Open the City of San Antonio's website
  2. Click on "Find Your City Council Member", located on the left-hand side of the page.  
  3. Click on "District 10" to open Council District 10's page. 
  4. Under Quick Links, click on "Building Permits Activity Reports", located towards the bottom of the page. 
  5. Information is listed under Building Permits Granted and Plans Submitted, and then sorted by Council District. To view this information, click on the appropriate City Council District. 

Suggestions for neighborhood leaders

  1. Elect or assign a member of your neighborhood association to pull a weekly report of District 10 permits pulled and mark any that are near the neighborhood. 
  2. Share information about this tool and its features on a neighborhood newsletter or on the neighborhood's social media pages.
  3. Have a print out of nearby developments available at the next association meeting for neighbors to review. 
  4. Using the contact information provided on the report, invite the developer to your next meeting to give updates on the project. 
  5. If you have concerns about a nearby development, such as an improperly cleaned up work site, work site debris entering drainage channels, or working outside of permitted hours, call the contact listed for the permit first. If this does not resolve the issue, contact Development Services at 210-207-1111.

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